TroubleShooting and Common issues

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TroubleShooting and Common issues

The plugin didn’t return any shipping rates. #

  • Update the plugin to the latest version.
  • Make sure that the plugin is activated.
  • Make sure that you assigned Australia Post to one of the shipping zones.
  • WooCommerce triggers only one zone per address, so make sure that you have only one zone for Australia. WooCommerce will match a customer to a single zone using their shipping address and present the shipping methods within that zone to them
  • Make sure to set the shop origin postcode.
  • Make sure to add the weight and dimensions data to each of your products.
  • On the checkout page, make sure that you fill all the required address fields, especially the postcode.
  • Make sure that your product fits the Australia Post Size and weight guidelines.

You fixed a problem in the shipping rates but the plugin didn’t return any rates. #

  • Go to WooCommerce » System Status » Tools » Then click on the `Clear transients` button.

The plugin only works on the checkout page when I’m logged in as an administrator. #

  • Make sure to disable the Debugging mode in the plugin’s Settings page.