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Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO

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Latest Release
5.1.0 (21.03.2024)
WooCommerce Extensions
GPL V2.0

You can use the plugin forever. A subscription allows you to 1 year of updates and support. Renewal of the license has 10% off discount.

🆓 Lite


🏷️ Labels PRO

Domestic Shipping
All of what is in Lite
All of what is in PRO
Default Size and Weight
International Shipping
MyPost Business & eParcel support
Debug Mode
Custom Boxes
Access Your Contract Rates
Delivery Time
Custom Titles
Create shipments automatically
Customized Domestic Shipping
Printing Shipping Labels
Pre-Paid Domestic Satchels
Live Tracking Information
Letters Shipping
Create Australia Post Shipping Orders
Courier Shipping
Download Order Summary Documents
Handling Fees and Discounts
Hazardous Goods Declaration
Extra Cover
MyPost Business Pickup Scheduling
Signature On Delivery
MyPost Business Charge Account
Display the Cheapest option
Fallback Price
Dropshipping Support
Individual Product Shipping


Australia Post WooCommerce Extension is the most regularly-updated, well-supported and affordable extension for calculating Australia Post shipping costs for WooCommerce.

Domestic Shipping

All of the domestic shipping options are supported: Regular Post, Express Post, and Courier Post. You can anytime, disable/enable one or all of these options.

Default Size and Weight

In case you don’t want to add weight and dimensions for all of the products you have or even you missed adding this information to one of them. The plugin allows you to set a default weight and dimensions of your product in case of the product’s information are missing.

Debug Mode

The debug mode is an excellent tool to test out the plugin’s settings and shipping prices as the plugin will be only activated for you. Also, it will display debugging information at the checkout page if the Debug Mode is enabled.

Delivery Time

Give your Cart/Checkout pages a professional aspect by displaying an estimation of the delivery time.

International Shipping

A wide range of international shipping options are supported:

  • Economy Air
  • Economy Sea
  • Standard International
  • Express International
  • Courier International

Custom Boxes

I bet you that you want to give your customers the most accurate shipping price. That’s why we have the feature of Custom Boxes, where you can add all of your shipping boxes information. Then the plugin will use this information to calculate the most accurate shipping price.

Custom Titles

We are eager to grant our customers the maximum options for customizations, other than adding your own shipping boxes, you can even rename every shipping option title to be displayed on the Cart/Checkout pages.

Shipping Tracking

Give your customers peace of mind by providing the Australia Post tracking number on the order page. Then a shipping tracking link will be created at their account and also will be included in the order emails.

Prepaid Domestic Shipping

Domestic satchels make sending easy, giving you a fixed price upfront so you’ll always know your postage costs.

Regular Post Express Post Courier Post
Small Satchel Small Satchel Large Satchel
Medium Satchel Medium Satchel
Large Satchel Large Satchel
Extra Large Satchel Extra Large Satchel

Letters Shipping

If you sell small-sized items, you can always enable the letters option to save your customers high shipping prices and increase sales. Supported letters options:

Domestic Letters Options International Letters Options
Regular Small Letter Standard Letter
Regular Large Letter Express Letter
Regular Large Light Letter Courier Letter
Regular Large Medium Letter Registered Small Letter
Regular Large Heavy Letter Registered Large Letter
Express Post Small Envelope Registered Small Envelope
Express Post Medium Letter Registered Large Envelope
Express Post Large Envelope Economy Air Light Letter
Priority Small Letter Economy Air Medium Letter
Priority Large Light Letter Economy Air Heavy Letter
Priority Large Medium Letter
Priority Large Heavy Letter
Small Tracked Letter
Medium Tracked Letter
Large Tracked Letter

Courier Shipping

As it was mentioned before, the plugin supports Courier shipping and prepaid courier satchels in case you need to deliver your product on the same day. Keep in mind that the courier network is available from metropolitan to metropolitan locations.

Handling Fees and Discounts

If either you need to add a handling fee for your shipping order, or if you want to reduce the shipping costs for your customers. We set an option for that where you can add an amount of value to reduce or increase the shipping cost. The value can be either a number or a percentage, positive for handling fees and negative for discounts.

Extra Cover

Here is another feature to give you or your customers’ peace of mind. You can enable the Extra Cover option in case your item’s lost or damaged in transition, you should be qualified for compensation.

Signature on Delivery

Do you want to make sure that your package was delivered to the right person? No problem. Just enable the Signature on Delivery option.

Separate Extra Services

Awesome. Another customizing option. Sometimes you want your customers to have the option whether they want Extra Cover or Signature on Delivery with their order. You only need to enable this option. But keep in mind to also enable Extra Cover or Signature on Delivery.

Display the Cheapest options

Cut to the Chase and provide the cheapest option to your customers without putting them in the hustle of choosing from many options.

The following features are only available if you purchased the Labels Pro version of the plugin. Please, keep in mind that you need to have an Australia Post Business account (MyPost and eParcel are supported) in order to use these features.

Contracted Prices

Do you have contract prices with Australia Post or a MyPost Business account? You can easily enable contracted prices using our plugin. The plugin supports both domestic and international shipping options for contracted prices.

Shipping Labels

The most wanted feature request we ever received from our plugin’s users. Using the Labels Pro version of the plugin, you can download shipping labels right away from the Order page. Not only you can create a shipment in your Australia Post account and print the label in one step with any customized weight and dimensions. It also supports printing multiple shipping labels for one order.

Live Tracking

Instead of redirecting the customer to the Australia Post page to see the shipment tracking events, these events will be available now at the customer account page in your store, and also available on the order page of the admin area.

Plugin's Useful Links
Technical Requirements
  • WordPress 4.0+
  • WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Fsockopen/CURL support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can purchase the Labels Pro version for MyPost Business support.

Yes, you just need to buy the Labels Pro license of the plugin. You also either need a MyPost Business or an eParcel account in order to use the Shipping & Tracking API.

Yes, at the Order page, you can enter the tracking number and shipping date and the plugin will include a link to shipping tracking in the Customer’s account area, and also in the Order complete email.

Yes, you just need to buy the Labels Pro license of the plugin. Please, keep in mind that in order to print labels and contracted and discount bands prices features, you must have either a MyPost Business or an eParcel account.



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