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You can find the plugin’s settings in WooCommerce » Settings » Shipping » Shipping Zones. Then add Australia Post to one of the zones, then you can access the settings page by clicking on the added shipping method.


WooCommerce Australia Post Extension comes with several settings to make you take full control of the plugin.

  • Once the plugin has been activated, go to WooCommerce » Settings » Shipping. The method will be listed at the top of the screen, underneath the tabs. Click on ‘Australian Post’
  • Method Title Name the shipping method. This will be visible to customers.
  • Enable Debug Mode* Enabling debug mode will allow administrators to test the shipping method on their website before showing it to public.
  • API Key Get this from Australia Post or leave it to use our API Key.
  • Shop Origin Post Code This should be set to the postcode from which you will ship. It is sent to the Australia Post API.
  • Handling Fees * If you charge handling fees, you can add it from here either by adding a fixed number or a percentage (e.g. 2.5 or 2%, you can also add negative values for discount e.g. -5)
  • Default Package Weight The default weight of the package, If you didn’t set the weight in the `Add New Product` page. This weight will be used to calculate the shipping fees.
  • Default Package Size The default dimension of the package, If you didn’t set the dimensions in the `Add New Product` page. This dimension will be used to calculate the shipping fees.
  • Fallback Price * The plugin will display this price in case Australia Post service doesn’t return any prices. Leave it blank to disable the fallback price functionality.
  • Domestic Options * Australia Post has three options to ship inside Australia, you can enable or disable these options as you want.
  • International Options * Australia Post has a lot of options to ship outside of Australia, you can enable or disable these options as you want.
  • Rates * Choose to return all rates (user will get the choice) or just the cheapest rate.
  • Australia Post Satchels * If you use pre-paid Australia Post satchels, you can enable the satchels you use.
  • Delivery Time * Enable the display of delivery time for customers.
  • Packing Table (beta) * This option will display a table which illustrates the best way to package the order in the order’s page. This feature is still under development so your feedback about it is desired.
  • Letters * Enable this if you ship small products that fit in letters envelopes. The letters standards are given by Australia Post.
  • Signature on Delivery * If you want to charge the buyer the cost of (Signature on Delivery) service, you can enable it from this option.
  • Extra Cover * Adding extra cover to the shipments.
  • Separate Extra Services * Enabling this option will separate the Extra Cover and Signature on Delivery costs. Users will be able to choose whether they want this extra services or not.
  • Remove GST * Enabling this option will strip the GST(tax) value (10%) from the shipping prices coming from Australia Post.
  • Custom Shipping Titles * Use this option to rename the default names of Australia Post options.
  • Custom Boxes * Use this option if you use your own boxes, you can add an unlimited number of boxes. And the plugin will base the shipping price calculations based on the capacity of the boxes you have.

* PRO feature