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Controlled Admin Access Pro

Latest Release
2.1.6 (22.02.2023)
GPL V2.0

You can use the plugin forever. A subscription allows you to 1 year of updates and support. Renewal of the license has 10% off discount.

Give a temporarily limited admin—access to themes designers, plugin developers and support agents. The plugin is simple and clean, it helps the administrator to create a user with temporary access and choose which pages in your admin area you don’t want the user to access. send the details to the user and when he finishes his task, you can easily deactivate the account and activate it later.



Feature Lite PRO
Menu Filter: Select the admin menu pages that you want to prevent access to by restricted admins.    
Expiration Time: Make the restricted admin account expire after a certain period of time.    
Hide Admin Bar: Hide the top admin bar for restricted accounts in both the frontend and admin areas.    
Disable Access: You can disable access to any admin account anytime.    
Plugins Internal Pages: Take more control and restrict access to plugins’ internal pages. Currently, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and BuddyPress are supported. More plugins support is coming.    
No Password Login: Allow restricted admins to log in using a secured URL without the need to send them a password.    
Activity Log: See what restricted admins did while logged in on your website.    
Remote Logout: You can remotely logout any restricted admin at any time.    
Priority Support    
Regular Updates    

Menu Filter

The plugin will allow you to select admin menu items that you want to restrict for the created admin. Not only the plugin will hide the menu item from the admin but it also will block the page if they access it in some other way.

Expiration Time

You may don’t want to give access indefinitely, the plugin allows you to set an expiration time for the restricted admin account. After the account expires, the account will no longer be able to login into the admin dashboard. Moreover, you can always extend the expiry time or change it.

Hide Admin Bar

WordPress offers an admin bar to provide quick access to some pages or to perform some actions. Using the plugin, you can hide the admin bar links at the top of the page will be hidden in both the frontend and admin areas.

Disable Access

You can always disable the restricted admin account at any time. For example, if you gave a developer access to fix a bug or install a theme, when they finish the task you can disable their account. This will block login in using the account but it will retain the account’s information in case you wanted to give them access in the future.

Plugins Internal Pages

Take more control and restrict access to plugins’ internal pages. For example, you would like to give access to the WooCommerce Settings page, but you do not want the account to see the Payments Gateways tab. Currently, the plugin supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and BuddyPress. In the future, we will add support for more plugins. You can suggest plugin support by submitting a support ticket.

No Password Login

Add some convenience when sending access to the user, you can generate a secure login URL for the user, and the user will use the link to login into the dashboard without the need for a password. You can also disable login by a password for restricted admins, this will restrict the admin from login in using a password or sending a reset password email.

Activity Log

Keep track of what restricted admins have done while logged in, the plugin will log more than 20 actions such as activating/deactivating/deleting a plugin, switching a theme, deleting a theme, exporting data, publishing/deleting a post and uploading a file.

Remote Logout

At any given time, you can force logging out any restricted admin if you no longer need them logged in the admin dashboard. This action will log them out on all logged-in devices and locations.


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