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A lot of effort is put into gaining clients and capturing market share. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to gain clients; once those clients come through the door, no one wants to lose them. Focusing on customer satisfaction is critical because happy clients become repeat clients. Maintaining clients is even more important for small businesses. To offer a small help for online businesses that are based on WordPress, we recently released a Ruby Help Desk which is Help desk WordPress plugin available for free on plugins repository. We assured to make the plugin as simple as possible in order to be

Customers Interface

We created the ticket page as simple as we could in order to work seamlessly on any WordPress theme. WordPress coding standards have been taken into considerations.Your customers won’t find any

Your customers won’t find any difficulties to use the helpdesk efficiently. A straightforward UI which makes your customers. The submit ticket page is fully customizable to suit your business nature needs.

Dashboard Widget

The dashboard widget is where administrators have a quick access to the latest submitted tickets and an extra stats about the helpdesk’s tickets. It shows the number of tickets that are waiting for a response, the tickets in progress, the closed tickets, and the total number of tickets. Moreover, it shows the latest 5 tickets with their statuses.

Custom Fields

You can use our form builder to fully customize your Submit Ticket page to suit your business needs. You can add an unlimited number of text, lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, date fields. Moreover, you can sort and order the fields as you wish. More form fields types are coming in the next releases of the plugin.


There a knowledge base system included in the helpdesk plugin, where you can write guides, docs, and tutorials for each one of your products in order to minimize the number of opened tickets.

Import WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads products

Instead of importing all of your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads products into the helpdesk system manually one by one, you’ll be able to Sync all of the products with just one click from the settings page.

The roadmap

We plan to add more features into the plugin in the next releases such as Reports, connecting with 3rd party services, more settings to control the support flow. Please, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.



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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Waseem Founder and Lead Developer of WPRuby.


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