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Affiliate Butler comes with several settings to make you take full control of the plugin, thus, I will add more settings to cope with the new features. I will add more and more features in the next releases, so stay tuned.

To access the settings page, Go to Affiliate Butler ↣ Settings.

  • Enable Auto Replacement: This option is a global switch for the plugin, If you want to disable the replacement of the keywords temporarily without deactivating the whole plugin, you just need to uncheck this option.
  • Dofollow? if you checked this option, you will allow search engines to follow this link and use it in ranking. It simply adds (rel=nofollow) if you unchecked it.
  • Open in When the visitor clicks on the link, it’s either open in a new window or the same window.
  • Shrink? If you checked this option, the link will be shortened.
  • Case Sensitive? The plugin will replace the keywords exactly according to the letters case.
  • Auto Link Taxonomies? Auto link categories and taxonomies terms to their archive pages whenever they appear in posts or pages.
  • Limits Per Post Limit the number of times that the keyword will be converted to a link per post.